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December 2, 2010


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July 7, 2010


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I will no longer be posting posts on here, please visit Rockerpinkgirl

June 19, 2010

Savanna Survey!

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Through June 22nd, send your survey to me, or email me at the SV26 times.

Ok here is the survey

How many Buildabears do you have?

I have ___ bears

Who are you on BABV?

I am ________________________

Do you want me to add Drawings to he next SV26 times?

______ because _________________________________.


What do you want to see here?


June 9, 2010

I only need 1 more zoo collection piece!

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OMG!!!! I only need the giraffe piece and I will be done!

How to enter a Web Code

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1. Enter Buildabearworkshop at town square

2. Click on Champ and select Web Code

3. Enter your web code

4. Cubgrats! Have fun!

June 8, 2010

I have Web Codes!

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Want a cool painting thingy? Want something you want SO badly? Here are the codes

I got them from a wordpress website too!

Playhouse – 23D2-DSCZ-C968 (If this expires, let me know)

Bearthday Bear-Paint Your Own Figurine:JBQC-R6K7-W46M (If this expires, let me know)

Pawfect Princess snowglobe – QCRH-7S42-S24R
Pawsome Soccer Figurine – 3347-229F-MP3V
Friendship Is A Gift Figurine – 893R-SL9F-3GLC
Time To Paws Figurine – HG3R-4266-6R35
Bear Ballet – Paint Your Own Figurine – F542-3443-9NJL
Beary Sweet Figurine – BYKL-23CW-ZC62

If these expire let me know

Bearemy Emoticon Code and 1000 BB:7572-KN4N-325K (This may expire VERY SOON!!!!)

Happy Bearthday Snowglobe:MRCC-4FS8-FH6M
Be Beariffic Snowglobe- D822-Z895-KC9W
100% Pawsome Cheerleader snowglobe- QR33-66DY-5XCS
Pawfect Princess snowglobe – QCRH-7S42-S24R

If these expire let me know

Milk Bell: Milk-Rcks-0808 (MAY EXPIRE IN A WEEK!)

Cheerleading Move: TM45-ZWX9-J732 (MAY EXPIRE SOON!)

I have 3 more!

Corbin blue code: 24T7-5347-CH6G

Barker Apron: RH7K-4X3W-88MG


Sewing Machine – X9CN-QXF2-Y88Y

Have Fun!!!!


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My name is Brittany and I play BABV! I am SAvannacrystal26. I am 12 years old. I have 4 bears LOL


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